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Demonic Anti-Zionist Brentwood Resident Bob Rosebrock blames Wealthy Jews for no building of Veterans Homes.

Demonic Anti-Zionist Brentwood Resident Bob Rosebrock blames Wealthy Jews for no building of Veterans Homes.

Demonic Anti-Zionist and American Gigolo Brentwood Resident Bob Rosebrock, alias Robert Rosebrock, alias Robert Lea Rosebrock, alias Robert L. Rosebrock, alias R. L. Rosebrock.

by Terry Richards f/k/a Terry Joel Rosenfield

Terry Richards Veterans Rights Advocate since 1990. Founder of Veterans News Service Los Angeles.

Writer’s Note: Bob Rosebrock has recently written in emails and stories he wrote about me that Terry Richards is an alias and not my real name, which is totally untrue. In 1988 I Legally changed my Birth Name from Terry Joel Rosenfield to Terry Richards as a “stage name” as I was actively seeking work in Radio Broadcasting and Voice-Over Acting. In 1995 after my old Passport expired under the name of Terry Joel Rosenfield, I applied for and was Granted a new Passport in the name of Terry Richards by The U.S. Secretary of State. My current U.S. Passport issued in 2012 also was Granted in the name of Terry Richards. My original Social Security Account Number, VA  I.D., State I.D., etc., are all in the name of Terry Richards, and they all know about my Birth Name of Terry Joel Rosenfield. So my Legal Name is Terry Richards, and when one Legally changes his or her name it is not considered an alias… As a matter of fact, when one Legally changes his or her name they can actually change their Birth Certificate to  reflect the new name if they so desire… Only using names that have not been Legally changed like Bob Rosebrock alias Robert Lea Rosebrock alias R.L. Rosebrock are considered aliases… Rosebrock knew all of the above about my Legal name change because I told him about it, but being the Demonic Anti-Zionist Veterans Cult Leader that he is he was just endeavoring to try and look like I was committing some kind of Fraud…

I first became acquainted with Bob Rosebrock in about 2009 while I was living in Florida and communicating with Rosebrock by phone from time-to-time so I could not know first-hand what was really going-on but some of what Rosebrock told me at least seemed plausible. It wasn’t until 2012 when I came to Los Angeles that I found out the whole truth about both Rosebrock and his Veterans Homes cause, and the Politicians et al about whom he wrote numerous mostly untrue diatribes…

Rosebrock won’t send his Jewish allies copies of what he writes on www.veteranstoday.com/author/rbrock  because he says he is embarrassed at their open Anti-Zionist Agenda. Yet Rosebrock before he found out that this Writer was Jewish told this Writer that:                                                                                                                                                                                                       It is the Wealthy Jews of Brentwood who are holding-up the building of Veterans Homes.”

I then asked Rosebrock if he thought their were any Gentile Weathly Brentwood Residents who were against the building of Veterans Homes? Rosebrock  responded saying:                                                                                                                                                                                             “Their might be, but the Wealthy Jews have the most influence not just in Brentwood but in all of Los Angeles.”

I then advised Rosebrock that I was Jewish and that as Jew and Veterans Rights Advocate I do not care what Religion people are if they are trying to hurt Veterans and that I would write about it on my Veterans Blog… I was then invited to write as a Columnist on Veterans Today and  I accepted the offer. Although some of their Columnists had an Anti-Zionist agenda, as a strict Constitutionlist especially that of Free Speech and of the Press I believe all Americans have a right to express their opinions and beliefs in writing and verbally without Censorship. I only stopped writing for Veterans Today because I wanted to start my own new Blog www.vnsla.com. Hence, this writer has now expressed his beliefs, viewpoint and opinion and is passing it on to the Residents of Brentwood as this Writer’s belief, view and Opinion is that the Residents of Brentwood, et al have a right to know about their Demonic Anti-Zionist neighbor Bob Rosebrock…

“AMERICAN GIGOLO” Robert Rosebrock who’s income from Social Security Retirement is only about $1,000 per month finagled and beguiled his way into a Wealthy Elderly Woman’s Brentwood Apartment for $300 per month when sharing a 2-bedroom apartment in this wealthy community averages at least $1500 per month plus utilities because rent for a 2-bedroom apartment average $3,000 per month.

Rosebrock who has written that he does not feel that homeless or financially disadvantaged Veterans should not get HUD Section 8 Subsidized or Free Public Housing because that’s Welfare and they should only be able to live in Veterans Homes whether they like or not, incredibly, Rosebrock himself gets food stamps (Welfare), has MEDI-CAL which also pays for his Medicare Part B Medical Insurance Premium which is about $150 per month all of which is California Medicaid-Welfare Medical Insurance.

Definition of GIGOLO: 1. A man living off the earnings or gifts of a woman, especially a man supported by an older woman in return for his sexual and other attentions. 2. A man who is kept by a woman, esp an older woman.

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