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by Terry Richards

As an expert in Dysfunctional Families and physical, sexual, verbal and emotional Child Abuse, among other unfavorable attributes, it appears that the Demonic, backstabbing, and abusive Nature of Bob Rosebrock comes from being a Victim of Child Abuse.

The Demonic-Backstabbing Bob Rosebrock.

The Demonic-Backstabbing Bob Rosebrock.

Victims of Child Abuse who never seek help to work-out their “unfinished business” from childhood abuse carry this “baggage” and “anger” for the rest of their lives like Rosebrock does.

And like Rosebrock, in order to get even with their Perpetrators of Child Abuse make others the same kind or similar kinds of Victims by becoming Compulsive Obsessive Liars and by endeavoring to destroy the lives of those who don’t agree with him or when Rosebrock has fear that what they do may over-shadow his own accomplishments.

It is hoped that even at this late stage of his life that Rosebrock seek Psychiatric help and medications so that others do not have to re-live his abusive childhood.

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